29th Ezra Pound International Conference

Special Event

Introduction to Noh Play

A Lecture by Noh Master, Toshiaki YOSHINAMI

Chair: Akiko Manabe (Shiga University)

Time: 19:00 ~ 20:15 (JST), Sunday, June 26, 2022

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About the Lecturer

Toshiaki YOSHINAMI is a "Shitekata" performer of the Kanze School of Noh. Born in 1965, as a son of Jun'ichi Yoshinami, a Noh performer, he studied under the late Kasuke Inoue IX and Hirohisa Inoue. He studied in the Department of the Japanese Music at Tokyo University of the Arts, while studying Noh under the late Sakon Kanze XXV and the late Shigemitsu Fujinami at the same time. To date, he has performed in numerous Noh plays, including "Shakkyo," "Shojo," "Senzai," "Dojoji," "Dojoji Akagashira," "Mochizuki," "Ataka" and "Kinuta," to name just a few. Yoshinami is a certified holder of the "Nohgaku" as a nationally designated Important Intangible Cultural Property (note).

While Yoshinami performs Noh mainly in Kyoto, he has practice halls in Kyoto, Shiga, Takatsuki, Tanbasasayama, and other places. He strives to popularize Noh through the practice of songs and dances.

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