29th Ezra Pound International Conference


Zoom Protocols for All Attendees

Please follow these guidelines as you prepare for and participate in the 29th Ezra Pound International Conference.

1. Make sure your name (as written on your Registration Form) is displayed on your profile when you access the Zoom sessions.

2. Turn off your “video” (camera icon) when the presentations begin. You can turn it on again during the Q&A. You are welcome to use a virtual background if your computer allows the use of that feature.

3. Be respectful of others and be aware of your actual and virtual environments.

4. Do not take screenshots, cell phone pictures, or record the meeting without permission to do so.

5. Please “mute” your microphone when you are not talking. This helps eliminate background noise.

6. During the presentations, use “Chat” only if you are experiencing technical difficulties; the Session Host or the backup Co-Host will respond. During the Q&A, you can use the “Chat” to direct questions to presenters or panelists. The session chair will ask the questions aloud. You can ask questions using the microphone, too.

For more information on Zoom functions, visit Zoom’s support page.

Click on keywords below if you have questions on these specific Zoom functions:

Virtual Backgrounds Audio & Video Chat

Zoom FAQs Other Zoom Resources

For the optimal Zoom experience, you should download Zoom from the website (Desktop Client).

Zoom Protocols for Presenters

Please follow these guidelines during your presentation or panel.

1. During the 30-minute break before the session begins, please check your internet connection, microphone and PowerPoint slides (if slides are used). The Zoom Session “Host” or “Co-Host” will assist you.

2. Please keep to your allotted time: 20 minutes, unless indicated otherwise.

3. Also consult the Zoom protocols for all attendees.

If you have technical questions, contact EPIC-Kyoto Conference Committee (contact@epic-kyoto.com).

+ We’d like to thank the organizers of the International Hopkins Conference, on whose protocols ours are modeled.

(Last updated: 2022.6.23)